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Immerse yourself in the food and culture of another country while earning UA credit.

Study abroad programs allow you to earn UA credit while gaining global perspectives and critical skills for today's workforce. Many programs include coursework and experiences that can enhance your major in Food Studies.

How to Apply

To get started, meet with your academic advisor and a study abroad coordinator.

Find a Program

The University of Arizona offers many study abroad programs that could allow you to work on your major, minor, internship, or general education requirements. Check out the program search page on the Global Initiatives website to browse options. The opportunities listed below include programs that offer courses specific to food studies.

Colosseum in Rome

UA Rome

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  • Why Study Abroad in Rome?:
    • Earn credit toward your UA major or minor in Food Studies while studying abroad in Rome! The American University of Rome is the ideal place to study food while abroad. Offering a Master of Arts in Food Studies focusing on sustainable food production, distribution, and consumption, our UA Rome partner institution also teaches a variety of food studies courses at the undergraduate level that have been pre-approved by the Food Studies program at UArizona (housed in School of Geography, Development, and Environment). Rome is rich in food history and is the headquarter location for The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, founder of World Food Programme. You’ll get to experience the city of Rome’s commitment to ending world hunger and securing food for all while also enjoying Italian culture and cuisine daily!
  • Example Classes (and how they apply to the Food Studies major):
    • IS 212: Italian Food and Culture = Elective Area 1 Food, Society, & Culture
    • ENG 321: A Moveable Feast: Writing About Food = Elective Area 1 Food, Society, & Culture
    • FS 301: Food and the Environment = Elective Area 2 Global Food Policy, Governance, & Environment
  • Note about tuition:
    • Arizona Abroad Locations, like UA Rome charge UA tuition and you can use all your financial aid, including AZ Excellence and Wildcat Excellence awards!

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Culture, Land, & Politics in Oaxaca

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Offered: Summer

Conduct research in food studies or environmental science under the supervision of knowledgeable local researchers in Oaxaca, while earning UA credit in Geography.