Double Majors

Double Major in Food Studies

Adding a second major or degree in Food Studies can help you to get more value out of your college education and stand out to potential employers.

Potential Pathways

Earning a B.A. in Food Studies can complement almost any area you are interested in pursuing. The degree's thematic focus on the social, historical, and cultural dimensions pairs well with the majors listed below, plus many more.

Interest Area Major in Food Studies and:
Writing about Food Journalism
Creative Writing
Food Justice & Access

Mexican American Studies
Latin American Studies
American Indian Studies

Food-related Wellness Care, Health, and Society
Nutritional Sciences
Public Health
Food-related Policy

Public Management & Policy

Food & Culture Anthropology
Community Education Family Studies & Human Development
Elementary Education
Literacy, Learning, and Leadership
Food & Sustainability Environmental Studies
Sustainable Built Environments
Food-related Businesses

Business Administration
Retailing & Consumer Science

Declaring a Double Major

If you are thinking of pursuing a double major, you should plan early if you want to graduate in four-years. Meet with you advisor, who can help you develop your strategy and course schedule!

To get started, you can fill out our Declare Major form or schedule an appointment with a Food Studies advisor to learn more.

Double Use of Courses

As a Food Studies major you can apply up to 12 FOOD units toward a second major or second degree as long as the courses are cross-listed in both majors and the double use is approved by the department offering the other major/degree. Double use of courses between the Food Studies major and minor is not permitted.