San Xavier Coop Farm

The San Xavier Cooperative Association is committed to healthy farming practices and growing traditional crops to support the cultural and environmental values, as well as support economic development within the community. The San Xavier Cooperative Farm considers the following aspects (and others) of the Tohono O’odham Himdag, or Way of Life, to ensure that decisions in the farm’s rehabilitation project are consistent with the culture: Respect for Land, Sacredness of Water, Respect for Elders, Respect for Animals, and Respect for Plants.

Location: The San Xavier Coop Farm is located on Tohono O’odham territory about 30 minutes from Tucson. The address is: 8100 S. Oidak Wog, Tucson, Arizona 85746

To Volunteer: Interested in working with the farm crew, learning traditional crop production, getting hands on experience in the field? San Xavier Coop Farm has weekly volunteer days every Wednesday and Saturday



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