R.A. Kashanipour

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Scholar in Residence, Center for Latin American Studies

R.A. Kashanipour is an interdisciplinary scholar of food, medicine, and science in Latin America and the Atlantic world.  His research examines the intersections of experience and epistemology in the production of knowledge and institutions of colonial authority related to indigenous systems of health and the body.  His first book, Between Magic and Medicine: Colonial Yucatec Healing in the Spanish Atlantic World, in development with the Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture, explores the formation of robust inter-ethnic social and intellectual networks of sickness and healing during the recurring epidemic and ecological crises of colonial Yucatán. He also has a particular interest in food history and co-edits The Recipes Project, an interdisciplinary forum dedicated to historical recipes of all sorts, medical, magical, and culinary. Dr. Kashanipour regularly teaches courses that highlight the culinary cultures in Mesoamerica and global exchanges of food in the early modern period. He has a special interest in chocolate, honey, and indigenous beverages of Mexico.