Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Iskashitaa Refugee Network creates opportunities to integrate UN refugees into the Southern Arizona community while educating the public, strengthening the local food system, reducing local food waste, and increasing food security. The network focuses on harvesting and gleaning food from local sources and backyard gardens that would otherwise go to waste.


Barbara Eiswerth (director) -

Valerie (harvesting coordinator):

Topics that could be addressed in an internship are (not in any particular order nor an exhaustive list):

  • Developing Biking Edible tree tours around campus and/or Tucson neighborhoods. 
  • Monthly edible tree walking tours every 3rd Wednesday at the TBG with Iskashitaa-trained Nutritional science interns including our newly available portable edible tree kit and booklet
  • Capturing Cultural Food Preservation Techniques via the UN refugee and asylum seeker community
  • Redefining Food Resources in Tucson through the many cultures of our community
  • Recipe capture of edible weeds and uncommon edible leaves (e.g. green bean leaves/ Pumpkin shoots)
  • Creating Quarterly Zines of local recipes to encourage seasonal eating 
  • Creating Quarterly Zines of local recipes to encourage Port of Nogales rescued food eating   
  • Studying the psychology behind rampant wasted backyard food in Tucson
  • Surveying on campus and off - survey designed to capture what people know about local food to justify our perceived sorely needed classes and research 
  • Training refugees and Immigrants how to perform food demonstrations with an emphasis on teaching food culture and cuisines from around the world

Compensation/Benefits: Iskashitaa may have stipends available for some student interns. Request stipend info in your inquiry.

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