Aridus Wine Company

Aridus is a winery based in Willcox, AZ that produces ~8,000 cases of wine per year from local and regional grapes

Positions available: Blending/Bottling Intern (spring), Harvest Intern (summer/fall)

Where the work would take place: Aridus Winery, Willcox, AZ

When: Work at the winery follows a seasonal schedule with the harvesting of grapes, their transformation into wine, and transfer to barrel for long-term storage taking place from mid-summer through the fall.  In the spring, work entails blending, filtering, and bottling as well as the monitoring and maintenance of wine in barrel.  We will work with students to determine a work schedule.

Manual labor: It is probably worth noting that the bulk of our work requires manual labor, so the ability to lift and carry 50 lbs, and move up and down stairs is essential.  Of course, were someone interested for whom this would be an issue, I’d be happy to work with them to find reasonable alternatives.  But generally, this is work for folks who like getting their hands dirty.  And it will probably be more rewarding for those who are over 21, since tasting is a part of the job.  It’s not impossible for those under 21, but they’re only allowed to smell.

COVID precautions: As the situation evolves regarding the ongoing pandemic, so too do our Covid policies.  Vaccination is required of all employees, and employees are expected to mask during surges and as new variants emerge.  While our facility is quite large, allowing for distancing, and much work takes place outdoors, we still maintain a risk-averse attitude for the health of ourselves and our coworkers.  We will continue to adjust our policies as necessary.  


Lisa Strid,, 520-507-7609.